Rota Block Large

A multi-connecting, freestanding ballast support block

Wind Speed Tested

2 x Rota Blocks water filled with hoarding withstood wind speeds of upto 62.4 mph. No block failed at this speed.

For use with mesh and hoarding fence panels.

Designed to provide extra stability to your fencing, able to withstand high winds and bad weather.

The water filled Rota Block Large sits over each fence panel leg giving each panel individual support.

Fence arm accessory sold seperately

640 MM960 MM730 MM333 KG

Installation is easy, once in place each unit is water filled via the filler cap at the top of the block.

Emptying is swift, just pull the bung out, which is located at the base.

If extra ballast is required the Rota Blocks can be linked together in pairs, providing a total weight of 1000 kg when full.


  • Simple assembly
  • Able to be deployed by 1 person
  • Linkable units
  • Colour option available
  • Stackable design for storage or transport