An appealing alternative to standard steel hoarding panels.

The BarrierHoard is a newly innovated, one piece panel system designed for use with our GB2 and RB22 heavy duty barriers (using our existing standard posts).

Offering an appealing alternative to standard steel hoarding panels, not only is the BarrierHoard maintenance free, it is pressure washable and available in a range of colours (standard panel colour – white).

• Lightweight, yet robust • Simple to fit • Graphics can also be applied

• A one piece moulded design • Heavy duty barrier panel

Pressure washable to create the right impression!

Creates a solid wall with no gaps!

🎨 Colour Option Available


[vc_table el_class=”oak-product-table”]Barrier%20Type,RB22,GB2|Length,2066%20mm,2066%20mm|Width,102%20mm,102%20mm|Height,2200%20mm%20inc%20barrier,2300%20mm%20inc%20barrier|Weight,22%20kg,22%20kg|Est%20Wind%20Speed,40%20mph,34%20mph[/vc_table]