Our brand new, revolutionary solution for the temporary hoarding market.

Lightweight Panels

“The most multi-usable hoarding panel on the market today”
Matt White – Managing Director, Oaklands Group.

Quick and Easy Installation

HoardplaS is a one of a kind concept, allowing large areas to be cordoned off quickly and easily, preventing unauthorised access, allowing privacy and exclusivity in restricted areas.
Ideal for usage in a wealth of sectors including festivals, concerts, outdoor events and sites.

Installation is quick and easy, each panel slots into the next and is fixed to a standard scaffold frame using fixing handles, secured from the inside.

... Wind speed tested ... Wind speed tested ...

Easily Installed by Hand, No Electrical Equipment Required

The unique variable height system means the panels do not need to be specifically made to fit, our standard panels come with variable height slots making HoardplaS a cost effective option when planning your budget.


Fits to a Standard Scaffold Frame

. . . Weatherproof and low maintenance, means the HoardplaS system
is a versatile and cost effective hoarding option . . .

Easy to Clean Panels

2400 MM1000 MM40 MM

Washable Panels

Unlike traditional hoarding systems our panels are pressure washable, promoting a longer working lifespan and a clean, professional image with each use.


Keeping Up Appearances

HoardplaS can be produced in bespoke company colours for added attraction or promotion.

If being used in a residential or scenic area we can offer less obtrusive, surroundings friendly colour options.


. . . In adverse weather conditions the system can be bolted or weighted down
by using our bespoke concrete ballast or the water filled Rota Block Large . . .