Innovative Temporary Perimeter Fencing Option

Wind Speed Tested

... A Construction Site Must Have ...

. Can be ballast filled with concrete or stone
. Reusable if stone ballast filled
. Can be used on hard or soft ground

Block specifications

Length1250 mm
Depth650 mm
Height600 mm
Weight25 kg Empty 500 kg Full

The TempSafe Block & Fencing System

On site, in a public area, a concert or at an outdoor event, safety and security is paramount, more so today than ever before.

Recognising the need for a safe, protective and reliable perimeter fencing system we have designed and manufactured the TempSafe Block & Fence System.


... Simple, swift assembly ...


Assembling the TempSafe system is a doddle!


Once in place the block is connected to the fencing using a purpose made fixing bracket, securely holding each fence panel in place.

Each block can either be filled with stone ballast for temporary use or concrete ballast for more permanent or long term use.


Stackable for transport & storage