Oak Guard

Fall Protection

A secure, steel fall protection gate designed to fit standard lift shaft and staircase openings during construction or maintenance works.

A highly important element required by law for the safety of workers on site is fall protection.

When access is needed to areas that are subject to restricted entry control measures the right safety equipment is crucial.

Health and safety laws generally require action when a worker has the potential to fall about 3 metres.

Fall protection is required when: other means of fall protection are not available or possible, such as guardrails presenting the possibility of a worker falling through an opening in the working surface.

      Easy to Install
  • Adjust to required width
  • Insert clamp bolts & tighten
  • Secure to wall using fixing bolts supplied*

*Supplied with M12 expanding bolts used for mounting the gate to the surrounding wall.

The Oak Guard is constructed from 25mm steel and powder coated for lasting protection, in high visibility yellow as standard.


Min (closed)Max (extended)