Firmus Barrier Accessories

A specially designed range of accessories to compliment the Firmus Barrier

All accessories can be ordered along with your pedestrian barrier system for maximum benefits and cost efficiency.

Firmus Block

A more attractive alternative to sandbags, for adding extra weight when the weather is against you.

Easily deployed and assembled by one person to provide maximum stability without the trip hazard of other ballast methods.


Length1000 mm
Depth390 mm
Height400 mm

Universal Clip System

The new Clip System allows other plastic pedestrian barriers to be linked on to the Firmus.

A cost effective way of utilising existing barriers, on larger jobs where the budget is minimal.

Coloured Feet

If you’re looking for a more personalised look or if its just to make your barrier feet more visible to pedestrians, then this is an ideal option.


Anti-trip Feet

On high foot fall walkways the Anti-trip Feet are a must to prevent pedestrian trips and falls.

Minimum intrusion without losing stability.