RB1000 Barrier

A low level track barrier system offering for indoor and outdoor racetracks

The RB1000 is a slightly taller, yet shorter version of the RB500.

A simple, yet effective design ensuring each barrier can be fully connected to the next.

Able to accommodate all angles and create various shapes such as ‘S’-shapes and circles.

Creating a continuous circuit of barriers with no gaps, generating a complete safety barrier system, ideal for a variety of motor sport applications.

Manufactured from UV stabilised polyethylene, which creates a strong and durable barrier that is weather resistant and will not fade.

The barriers are also stackable, providing easy transportation and storage.

They can also be water or sand filled to ensure stability and minimal movement when in place.


Length1000 mm
Width400 mm
Height500 mm

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45° Bend

Accessory Options

  • 45° Bend
  • End Stop
  • Plank Adaptor