Bund Canopy

Protection from the elements promotes a longer life for your liquid storage equipment

Outdoor storage of your chemicals, liquids & water often means battered and bruised IBC’s.                                                                           

Waterproof, wind resistant and UV protected means the Bund Canopy will provide the reassurance you need when choosing the right cover for your IBC and bund.

Fixed on top of the Jumbo Bund, the steel frame and attached PVC canopy allows easy access to your IBC.

With a dual zip, roll up opening and clip fasteners in both front corners mean its a simple one man job, even when the forces of nature are against you.

The entire IBC is covered by the canopy, resulting in a longer long life for your equipment and stored liquids without compromising on the capacity of your spillage bund.

  • Securing loops are used to attach the canopy to the steel frame
  • A dual zip closure makes access easy and once closed an IBC will be fully weather protected
  • Roll up clasps secure front opening while an IBC is in use
  • UV protected PVC material


Width1440 mm
Depth1400 mm
Height1500 mm
Opening DimensionsW: 1250 mm H: 1400 mm