Jumbo IBC Bund

Perfect for use when storing any form of chemical, oil or other liquid in an IBC

The Jumbo IBC Bund has been designed to help protect the workplace, its personnel and the immediate surrounding environment.


Manufactured from prime MDPE using chemical resistant polymer the Jumbo is a perfect alternative to a steel sump

Corner ribbed support feet mean the Jumbo is able to accommodate an IBC weighing up to 1600kg.

With no drainage points the Jumbo has no risk of leakage, so no environmental hazard.

  • Easily movable, with most forklift and pallet trucks
  • Corrosion free – no steel parts
  • 1350 Litre capacity
  • Ribbed corner feet for strength
  • Corrosion free – no steel grid or metal parts
  • 100% recyclable
  • Remains robust under a heavy load


Length1400 mm
Width1400 mm
Height980 mm
Capacity1350 Litre